♡ #21 Who taught you to love yourself?

Who taught you to love yourself?

You are here to remember who you are. And it´s simply love. The process to remember, realize and intergrate that can be painful and brutal. Because everything you are not needs to be stripped away or transformed. You remember your core again – love .
Until you more and more can shine again the light through truly into the world.
As many say being a lighthouse – it´s simply being yourself truly from your core.
The pain you can feel when you recognize in you something which isn´t connected to love is totally ok. Breathe into the moments when you feel that emptiness or darkness and do not resist the energy which wants to be felt again. And if you resist, be so kind to yourself. I tend to tell myself how sweet it is tco resist sometimes and then it transforms much easier into an acceptance. I can accept the state of being I am actually in and it gets immediately lightful again. I can take a deep breathe, hug myself and my heart and just be.

In these processes all that is not you, not love, comes up to be seen again. So you can finally embrace it again with so much love and grace. It´s not easy but I realized running away from it brings so much resistance up that it gets more difficult.
The energy of acceptance and enbracing what is, is so lightful and heals a lot. It simply is a different kind of energy flow which can´t keep longer darkness into your cave any more.

The beauty is that it gets easier by more and more experiencing that accepting your pain and dark transforms it immediately. You don´t even have to think about it how to do it, just feel and accept it.
It doesn´t mean it won´t come up again. But it becomes a process of birthing your true self with more and more caring for yourself.  Hug yourself in every moment which seems so dark, painful and hopeless.
Nothing is without a reason and love yourself through it.
Noone taught you or showed you to do that or even how.
You learn it by yourself ,these honoring steps, and bring so much love into the world which needs that so much.

Anyway loving yourself and transforming your darkest corners into light again seems to be a path we individually are allowed to process through.
And by that we spread the energy into the field for others who may have it easier then.
But this doesn´t mean you wait until it gets maybe easier. The mind can find endless excuses to not look deeper and run away. For myself I always wanted to look and dive to my core and free myself.
So I can be my true self and feel that absolutely astunning freedom.
The responsibility of loving myself seems to be the most important thing for me as a human being.

Nothing is more healing and lightful than loving yourself.
Because you honor the gift you carry in your heart – love.
When we do not understand situations or things with our mind we can sink into our heart and let the bump of the heart be the breath of being.
It washes away the need to know and makes a path for you to let unfold everything how the universe planned it only for your soul.

Much love, Annika

“Nothing is more healing and lightful than loving yourself.”

Annika Mannoika

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