♡ #22 Night walks

Night walks

I love the night.
Walking with my dog into the dark is something I adore. And it heals my soul and calms me in the sweetest way. Watching a sunset is already so beautiful but being out in the dark at nighttime, watching the stars or like now an upcoming thunder and lightning coming closer is breathtaking for me.

In the night nature is even more pure and so high vibrational. The energy in the wood when it´s dark is breathtaking for me. The trees open up to the sky and universe and connect to infinity so much more intensely.

I love that. My heart feels totally calm when I explore the dark wood at night. Many would be scared because we´ve seen maybe movies which programmed us to see it scary. I can´t relate to that. The night and especially the wood and trees at night appear so holy and sacred.
This frequency is very clear and powerful and bathing in it can heal and touch my soul immediately.

The stillness at night activates a beautiful creation energy in me which is different to my daytime creative energy. It feels more deeply, wilder,  so magical and pure.
The night is like a poem telling me stories of the beauty of being. Being infinite and love. Silent and holy. Like every soul carrying all this in itself.

I breathe the night air and thank for my heart and being –  the love I feel by every breath and feeling alive. My mind stops and my heart gets so wide to embrace the sweet dark night with its stunning energy. Thank you beautiful earth for letting me expierence those beautiful moments of deep true love in my soul.

Much love, Annika

“I breathe the night air and thank for my heart & being –  the true love I feel by every breath and feeling alive.”

Annika Mannoika

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