♡ #23 Connecting to your heart center

Connecting to your heart center

Connecting to your heart center lets fears fall into pieces, lets things that seemed impossible be possible. Because your mind just can´t act out anymore when you come home into your heart. That´s the place of true love. The place of all your dreams coming true. Because you are all that.

Use your mind wisely. The words you bring up in your head grow into presence. Your power you´ve got is so big it lays beyond thinking actually. It´s the power of your mind together with your heart, the heart leading your soul journey. Even though your thoughts are a powerful thing to move everything into the direction you want. But you have to let it go. Aiming a goal means trusting fully with your heart, knowing inside that your intuition out of the Now is your best guide of your beautiful heart.

Trust the universe to let things unfold by its own divine timing.
Your heart knows. Your mind not. It knows only that what you stored there from past experiences. You are never that. You are. That´s the truth of your heart. And only your heart can bring you to that place – your open heart.
I experience that a lot. Open your heart center to all that is. Especially in painful times and situations we close our hearts. Actually we did it once the first time, mostly in childhood very early when we´ve been hurt. Our parents did their best but mostly all of us were left alone at a point, felt not really understood or held deeply like we needed at in moments. Our mind remembers that and stores it as a situation too painful. It learned to walk away from that painful situation because it can only know what it experienced. The mind can´t be open to New. It will only guide you to those same experiences over and over again. Until you finally look at it, heal it and love it back unconditionally again. You are unconditional love. And your being, your soul wants to be and rise in that again.

Always remember: you are not your pain. Hold your pain like a baby, cuddle and stroke it. Your inner child will smile when you do that. You are in that moment your parents to yourself and that feeling of pain. By that you lighten your parts up into unconditional love.
We do not need to relive our pain again and again. It prisons you. In fact it appears as long as we are ready to hold and bring it back into light.

Hold it, hold yourself deeply until you can only feel unconditional love for you, beloved you.

Much love, Annika

Open your heart center to all that is.”

Annika Mannoika

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