♡ #24 Honoring your true self

Honoring your true self

Can we thrive with our soul and whole heart when we only give?

I experience that making boundaries when you feel you have to do it is very important. It gives you your own power back. In fact you stay more in balance with yourself and feel how much power you really have.

We are all in our personal way feeling not whole but in fact we are. It´s remembering that all is in us.

Others feel that energetically, even not being aware of it, when you have all doors open and are not able to make boundaries. I struggle with that a lot still, although I learned with 32 years old clearly how beautiful it is to say No when you feel it. Just like a child. We unlearn that somehow because we mostly are raised with conditions. When you havn´t felt what unconditional love feels like in your whole being you can´t act out of that. So our parents mostly even did not have the ability to do that either. We somehow adapted to that surrounding because we had no other chance. Surviving modus. It doesn´t mean you do not love your parents. In fact I do more than ever. I just went very deep to come into awareness of my own feeling of unwholeness. So I have the ability to embrace it, heal it, love it back. You have to feel it to heal it.
It is a crucial realization and act for me because my soul guides me there.

Back to making boundaries. It comes together with feeling more and more your wholeness. Because then you are more aware of your true self and you take more care of it. Your biggest treasure is that you have been given. Your soul. And by taking care of it with making boundaries when you feel it you show others too that this is an act of true love – of unconditional love.

For many unconditional love means giving freely for example without understanding that you can only give what you have. And for that you have to have felt it in your being. If you give and give you get empty. You come to a point of feeling empty in the way of burned out. At that point all you do is stepping onto your true self and dishonoring it deeply.
Why do others still go on by taking from you? This isn´t a judgement when I say that. It´s an experience I describe and my part of not making boundries lets me play my part in that game of getting empty inside.
Other humans who aren´t aware themselves know only that too. So they do unconciously the same thing and the energy taking circle has no end.
Until you are couragous and aware enough to say stop. It´s enough. Because it doesn´t honor myself in any way. And the other soul neither.
When you set a boundary you do not have to do it harshly. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Some do not respect your space. Then it can be sometimes much easier to not respond anymore. I already made a blog post about that topic. Setting boundaries gives others the opportunity to look at themselves again and let them drive back to their own wholeness again.

What does it mean to be whole? What is wholeness?
In my experience you realize more and more that you have all inside of yourself and do not need to take from others energetically or otherwise. You realize that you are a child of godsource, the source, love or however you wann call it – it´s never about the name but about the feeling.

You have to go through what you are not to feel that wholeness again in yourself.
That can create pain and suffering. We often run from that because it feels tough and like a wall with no end in front of us. And it´s not about putting something away. In fact by walking through it is the only way to come back to your true self and home. Many stay stuck here without being aware of it. Just the experience of bringing up the pain again and again in our lifes shows that something wasn´t really seen from you and brought back to your true self. When you bring those pieces back you remember your wholeness too. Because the pain, when you go through it wholeheartedly and fully, you see and feel it´s not who you are. There arises such a deep bliss which you havn´t felt before. The lowest low brings you to the deepest bliss in yourself.
It´s so worth it to walk through it and saying YES to yourself.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” RUMI

So making boundaries is a crucial part of saying yes to yourself too. You say clearly what you want or not and give the universe the best and clearest signal of what you want and create in your life.

What I am writing about is always from my own experience. As we are all individuals we all experience things in different ways.

Much love,


“Honoring your true self means also making boundaries when you feel it. “

Annika Mannoika

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