Higher self knows

About the artwork
The mind can be helpful if we use it wisely. In a positive direction for the best outcome possible for yourself and all humans. Everything appears how you need it to learn and transform. Remember your tremendous power.

About the print
Fine Art printed on matte paper. Original size 20×20 cm

Material & shipping costs
PLEASE NOTE: the donation starts with 25 EUR (covers material costs). Shipping costs will be added depending on the country you live in. The donation amount is then up to you. Thank you. 🤍

3 ways to get your fav

1. Instagram: Contact me @annikamannoika
2. Contact & PayPal: Email me & add the name of your fav print. For PayPal donations please use annikamannoika@gmail.com
3. or use donation form below and don´t forget to send me an email

I´ll get back to you after we connected.

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