“Golden Love” by Annika Mannoika

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“Golden Love” 2021

A Golden Light covers the earth when two beings touch true love. The heart of the earth gets lifted and feels the embrace of the couple. Recognizing that healing energy and love is there to lift the planet into higher frequencies. The divine purpose is to serve humanity in many various ways. Just by being or with a purpose which is manifested in the 3D. Thy touch the trinity of divine being as a couple. Lifting the energy of planet earth with Golden LOVE. By the true heart to heart connection the love energy radiates in a huge way and silenty fullfills its purpose.

I start selling my art by donation. Material, print and delivery costs are the basis of your donation amount. You choose your paper style and size. Contact me below to get your fav piece.

PAPER OPTIONS (Giclée style)
Hahnemühle Pearl: pearl/satin surface, naturewhite paper, smooth orange-structure texture
Hahnemühle Photo Rag: mat surface, naturewhite paper, smooth texture
Epson Semi Gloss: smooth shiny surface, purewhite paper, extra smooth texture

• Germany 4-5 days
• US 3-4 weeks

I deliver the prints home first and wanna hold the prints in my hands, touch it and put positive loving energy into it before it goes to you. This is a very important process for me. And I know you will feel it.

THank you❤️

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