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Intuitive artwork

Expressing feelings is my passion

Creating art is such a wonderful infinite field. It calms my soul and brings me such joy. I love to express feelings in my drawings. Showing the heart to heart connection between two beings who are ONE. Representing Oneness and therefore the WE energy in Divine Pure Love and their highest purpose.
Exploring the realm of creating drawings is endless – whereever my soul guides me to I love to create New.
Bringing love & joy through creativity into service of humanity is my passion.

My Instagram page

Get to see fresh drawings & jewelry. Love to see you there! ♡


Unique jewelry
hand – & heartmade

I love to create unique jewelry pieces. Birthing a second equal piece is often not possible anymore. Then I bring variation into a the new creation or a total new one is born.

Exploring the mountains, woods & the sea to find crystals and high vibrational beautiful stones for my new jewelry creations is my favorite thing to do. My dog and me, we love to be outside in nature. I follow my soul and it wants to explore always New Creation out of the Now – I love that process so much.

Intuitively custom made earrings

As I love to design unique jewelry CONTACT ME for custom made orders. After connecting with you I´ll make a special unique creation just for you. Intuitively guided by my soul and heart. It´s a wonderful present you can make for your beautiful beloved self.

“The infinity of creation pures my soul whispering the beauty of love in my ear.”

In my wood I love to collect those beautiful milky quarz healing stones. Every one is so beautiful and unique. They carry such a white pure healing energy. I call them “WHITE LOVE crystals”. I made actually this timeless chain once and fell in love with it. It´s one of my favorite accessories.
After many people asking me where to get it, I´m actually making a new collection out of these crystal beauties. Have a look!

Part of my latest earring collection

Be and bloom like a flower

I love to follow my intuition. It brings me joy and happiness from deep within. When you step out more and more of attachments you find that the true force in yourself is your intuition. It´s the flow of your heart, your knowing without knowing. That what feels uncomfortable sometimes but so right. It needs to be discovered and to be learned to follow back your intutition again. Every step you are following your inner voice and doing the step pures out a magnetic force within. You feel there is no right or wrong, just your own individual experience – and you are always perfectly guided. I wanna encourage you to listen to your inner voice, your individual heart sound, which is so unique and beautiful. When you once have listened and followed that you know you step into your true soul purpose, being an inspiration for yourself and others.
Lifting and serving the humanity so that everything can fall like a puzzle piece into its right place back again.

The Now – my True Love

Being in the Now is my True Love. When you are letting go more and more of your attachments where do you end up? With yourself, your true self. This way isn´t always a sweet birthday party. And you are confronted to face your dark parts while going through deep pain. This is the journey to pureness of the SOUL – so beautiful! It lightens you up to know that the universe does nothing against but only for you. You are gifted to be forced in such a short time to truly love and accept yourself. Do you know how amazing this is? I honestly needed much pain and suffering to honor this gift. Now it brought me here – to enter the path of birthing my passion into life as an artist.
I love to inspire by heart and creating out of my heart and soul. Bringing Love through my creative work into service of humanity makes me unbelievable happy.

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