Sacred Art

Embody Intuition

I am. Now. I feel. I love unconditionally. I share. I embody. I am.

“Letting go of attachments lets me follow my heart truly”

Letting go more and more of attachments pures my soul and lets me love and accept myself. It brougth me on the way to follow my heart truly and birthing my work as an artist.

My intuition – my guide

Embodying intuition is what I love. It means for me following my heart and to share and inspire freely in service for humanity. I love the field and frequency of unconditional love.
Imagine everybody on planet earth following their true intuition again! Everything falls into its right place again. I am a soul which loves to fly in the higher raum of the universe. I learned that it´s the TRUE POWER coming through you, being open to the universal energies and to take action, when you feel it.

The magnetic force within

When you step out more and more of attachments you find that the true force in yourself is your intuition. It´s the flow of your heart, your knowing without knowing. That what feels uncomfortable sometimes but so right. It needs to be discovered and to be learned to follow back your intutition again.
Every step you are following your inner voice and doing the step pures out a magnetic force within. You feel there is no right or wrong, just your own individual experience – and you are always perfectly guided.

Nature is the purest form of meditation”

Living close to nature, the wood and beloved trees comforts my soul and heart. It gives me much inspiration and calm to feel my true being.
I love to be outside with my dog and explore nature.

Create & Inspire

As I am guided to follow my intuition I love to explore in the field of creativity. Therefore I am using and trying out different drawing grounds and options or colors. So each moment is for me a pure adventure of exploring myself in this beautiful creative process. Just being is such wonderful and by doing what you love, you feel that this must be the real purpose of every being on planet earth. May you be inspired and feel the energy through my artwork.
Inspiring souls and open humans hearts to their core being makes me unbelievable happy.
Everyone is individual and beautiful in its own being. Be inspired! I´m so happy to share my heart with you through my words, my being and creativity.

The Now – My true love

Being in the Now is my True Love. When you are letting go more and more of your attachments where do you end up? With yourself, your true self. This way isn´t always a sweet birthday party. And you are confronted to face your dark parts while going through deep pain. This is the journey to pureness of the SOUL – so beautiful! It lightens you up to know that the universe does nothing against but only for you. You are gifted to be forced in such a short time to truly love and accept yourself. How amazing! I honestly needed much pain and suffering to honor this gift.
Now it brought me here – to enter the path of birthing my passion to live as an artist.
I love to inspire by heart and creating out of my heart and soul.
Bringing Love through my creative work into service of humanity makes me unbelievable happy.

You are true joy.”

Everything you seek is in yourself. To stop seeking outside and instead turning inwards baths my soul in the highest power. Also balancing the way of living life with much gratitude and to the fullest. I let the
universe play through me. I am always surprised
by the miracles being unfolded.

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