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♡ #24 Honoring your true self

Honoring your true self Can we thrive with our soul and whole heart when we only give?I experience that making boundaries when you feel you have to do it is very important. It gives you your own power back. In fact you stay more in balance with yourself and feel how much power you really…

♡ #23 Connecting to your heart center

Connecting to your heart center Connecting to your heart center lets fears fall into pieces, lets things that seemed impossible be possible. Because your mind just can´t act out anymore when you come home into your heart. That´s the place of true love. The place of all your dreams coming true. Because you are all…

♡ #22 Night walks

Night walks I love the night. Walking with my dog into the dark is something I adore. And it heals my soul and calms me in the sweetest way. Watching a sunset is already so beautiful but being out in the dark at nighttime, watching the stars or like now an upcoming thunder and lightning…

♡ #21 Who taught you to love yourself?

Who taught you to love yourself? You are here to remember who you are. And it´s simply love. The process to remember, realize and intergrate that can be painful and brutal. Because everything you are not needs to be stripped away or transformed. You remember your core again – love .Until you more and more…


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My name is Annika and I am an heARTist – I love to create and inspire intuitively out of my heart. I create paintings, jewelry and love to photograph. Besides my artwork, writing and reflecting out of the moment is my passion. Realizing new insights of my soul coming through and sharing it with the world. By that we create the NEW and birth everyting into the world which arises from infinity. I always let my being be a pure vessel so that free and heartfelt wisdom can come through.
I´m happy to see you here and hope you enjoy my writings – maybe they inspire you. Do not hesitate to share your own thoughts and feelings with me.
Much love, Annika ♡

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