Artprint I love to hold you

I love to hold you

About the artwork
Being heard, felt, held in pain is something we need. We can´t only be there for ourselves. Telling what you need is an act of love.

About the print
Fine Art printed on matte paper.
Dimensions 15x10cm/6x4inch or bigger.

Material & shipping

PLEASE NOTE: material & shipping costs will be added to the donation. Thank you.🤍
Also available as Digital Art (save shipping costs).

3 ways to get your fav

1. Instagram: Contact me @annikamannoika
2. Contact & PayPal: Email me & add the name of your fav print. For PayPal donations please use
3. or use donation form below and don´t forget to send me an email

I´ll get back to you after we connected.

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