Artprint Who am I

Who am I

About the artwork
What´s the “I”? When thoughts completely disappear the “you and I” aren´t existing anymore. In fact you realize there is no you and I. Only one conciousness expanding and experiencing from the heart.

About the print
Fine Art printed on matte paper.
Dimensions 15x10cm/6x4inch or bigger.

Material & shipping

PLEASE NOTE: material & shipping costs will be added to the donation. Thank you.🤍
Also available as Digital Art (save shipping costs).

3 ways to get your fav

1. Instagram: Contact me @annikamannoika
2. Contact & PayPal: Email me & add the name of your fav print. For PayPal donations please use
3. or use donation form below and don´t forget to send me an email

I´ll get back to you after we connected.

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