About the artwork
True Love always is. It is always existing and can never be separated as Love is in all of us. Kærlighed means Love in danish. This drawing was a fast scetch intuitively made. Mostly in my creative process just after the drawing is finished I feel and see what the drawing wants to say and bring into the world. It’s always so exciting. And of course every soul sees and feels it in a different perspective. This drawing represents the Love in union with self and in in embodyment with two equals in their energy of selflove. The light shines through and speaks by itself. Without words. The drawing shall remind you of the true love you already are and that there is nothing to seek.

About the Fine Art Print
I will apply gold leaf paper on the parts I´ve colored golden in the original painting. So every Fine Art is unique and beautifully shining golden. Fine Art printed on matte paper.

Free shipping worldwide
Nationally (Germany)  –  3-6 business days (DHL)
Europe  –  6-10 business days (DHL)
Rest of the world  – 10-14 business days

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Kærlighed – Fine Art

66,00 €

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