♡ #1 Change – It always starts within

Change – it always starts within

When you still are bothering about what´s happening in the world, stop for a moment. What you see is the reflection of the human being collective how it´s still treating itself. Change can only come from inside. Facing your truth, your dark sides and shadows, your moments when you again “failed” and couldn´t do better. Realizing that you are a wonder of the light source experiencing pure love in the body. And there are steps to take. Because if you don´t change, nothing will change. The sweet thing is, that many souls on planet earth are walking that path now more and more. Although it is always a “lonely” path, because you are the only responsible one for yourself, there are so many others assisting you. If it´s energetically or by sharing expieriences and holding each other the space of braveness, power to move on and peace. In fact you are not so alone, it seems like the universe sends out at this time many power souls who follow the stream of embodying LOVE. Beautiful!

When you wanna change something start observing yourself – how you see yourself, how you treat yourself. When you love yourself there´s no question that you know how to love and give love to other beings. And all starts within. The journey of the heart isn´t a journey of sweets and cream all time. Why? Because you have to face everything which isn´t love or what you thought is love or you thought you need to feel loved. In a world made of conditions in so many ways you can imagine you have to let go of a lot of things. But is it truly things.

I experienced that it´s nothing than thoughts and believes keeping me in a box of my mind. It´s never to late or too hard to start to face yourself, because with every step you are taking the universe holds your back and gifts you with true inner freedom and a feeling of being in your true purpose.
The journey of the heart is necessary to make a change in the world. There´s no other way, because it always starts within.

Much love, Annika

“Change can only come from inside. Realizing that you are a wonder of the light source experiencing
pure love in the body.”

Annika Mannoika

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