♡ #20 You are the only one who can free yourself

You are the only one who can free yourself

Freedom is your natural state of being. When you want freedom for humanity you have to start within yourself. And you are the only one who can free yourself – from your own prison.

Judging and feeding the victim mode is a part of that prison, I experienced. You simply have to stop it. When you say I will do stop it it won´t work.
Your mind is still trying to hold you back from freeing yourself. Why? Because it wants to stay as the leader of your being. Why is that? We tend to identify with so many things and believes. I realized it was, when I didn´t know who I am.

That loving soul, holding the whole universe in my heart. Once I realized that nothing gives me worth from outside but only knowing that I am love and loved all time and always guided I could let go of all who I am not. I was forced to, no doubt. And I am unbelievable thankful for that today because true freedom of my soul is the most beaufitul treasure for me.

As long as we hang on to that our mind has more power to stay in the front yard and keeps you often in an unconcious prison. Stop it now.
Without thinking about it. Just stop it. You will experience step by step a balance of your heart and mind. And the heart gets its position as your most beautiful compass and leader back.

There are things and believes our mind is clinging on to which do not serve us and keep us prisoners. Once you really recognize that you can´t go on with that anymore, then you want to change it. And that´s when I started to simply stop it now.

Sometimes we may fall into that trap again and that´s ok. But then you recognize it quickly and simply choose another way of being and responding to it. Because you also realized that stepping out of your own prison frees not only yourself.
You also serve a tremendous part to freeing humanity and making the earth such a beautiful gift of loving and powerful creation energy.

All starts within and by taking our responsibility to observe and free and love ourselves.

I wish you a beautiful path of self experience and self to rememberance in your own way. I don´t know anything – just sharing my experiences as a human being and soul on this planet.

Much love to you, Annika

“You are the only one who can free yourself.”

Annika Mannoika

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