♡ #12 Judgement – Urteil

Judgement – Urteil

We all know and feel deep inside when we come back into energy of judgement and that it doesn´t feel good. Sometimes we even do not recognize it or some may like it even without knowing what happens especially energetically with themselves or the other person.
I won´t judge on you or myself when it happens because it´s again judgement. It´s pretty funny when you realize how fast the mind can be.
I observe myself in this process and my surrounding and it is pretty much an energy of low level.

In German language the word judgement is translated into „Urteil“. It includes two words. Core and division. I think this describes very well what happens when we judge.
We divide us from the other soul and take ourselves away from our core. We loose in that moment compassion and respect. It is just a good reminder for yourself I would say, if you come into that situation to look at and reflect yourself.

I experienced a situation lately where I was in a situation where someone judged another person, talking to me silently about the other one. In older days I would have told the person not to judge or explain them what it does to yourself and others.
Now I realize how powerful it is not to respond. You stay in your balanced energy and give nothing away by trying to help.
I wasn´t diving into that energy, didn´t dance with it and stayed silent. But staying silent in the head wasn´t that easy honestly! I observed myself saying sentences in my mind like „I wouldn´t do that“. I did judge then too. It´s pretty funny to observe. It really made me smile to just observing all.

By not responding that energy flipped and it was calm again.
Also I felt in the other person coming up questions in themselves.
I do not want to teach aynone or tell them what to do. I learned here as well that it´s an energy which feeds old codependent energies which are not serving the vibration of love.
I just felt that bringing the energy into a field of neutrality it opens a raum where every individual can ask themselves questions and can come into an inner reflecting modus. And that´s true learning for each soul. There is no teaching, no „I know better“ or any kind of low vibrational energy. It gives the opportunity to open the heart, to calm the mind down and giving space to learn in the heartfelt way.

I really loved to witness that moment and that fast energy movement changing into neutral space. It felt very natural because there was not much „to do“ just watching the energies changing into it´s neutral loving space back again by non responding.

Much love, Annika

“Bringing the energy into a field of neutrality it opens a raum where every individual can ask themselves questions and reflect from the heart center again.”

Annika Mannoika

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  1. So you get a hug 🤗 and no respond 😃

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      Annika Mannoika



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