♡ #11 An open heart

An open heart

An open heart doesn´t ask. It knows the answers within. It follows the stream of love without question, even if the ground is unstable. It knows also that it has an infinite energy of compassion for itself when it is tired, feels not brave or needs time to rest and to learn.

But it knows deep within somehow that it is a sweet break for the next steps to make. Into a free being living and letting it carry from the flow of the infinity of love.
And because it knows that, it can rest and take its breaths. It is aware that it´s always guided even when it can´t feel it in some moments. Even these moments are gold. Because everything has it´s reason and therefore there is no answer needed truly. Although we seek for them. Somehow when you need no answer you just know. It´s the knowing whithin without the mind needing to interrupt this beautiful feeling.

It is like the wind you are dancing with because you are clear that its natural flow brings you always to the right shore.

An open heart holds space for yourself and every being around. It knows nothing else but compassion, love and a warmth that infects everyone around.
It lets every being free without any mind chatter between. Because an opinion can´t rise from the heart center. May you be infected by it and remember again that giving and receiving love is the only answer to heaven within and healing of the beautiful planet named earth.

Much love, Annika

“It´s like the wind you are dancing with. You are clear that its natural flow brings you always to the right shore.”

Annika Mannoika

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