♡ #10 The birch tree

The birch tree

I was watching an old beautiful birch tree. I really love them. They spread such an energy of beauty and grace. I love to observe their movement in the wind. It´s so stunning to watch. I always feel then like a little child. It makes me so happy.

By observing its being I felt that trees are always beings of the wonderful circle of nature. They never step out of it.
The circle we are mostly in is build mostly of human conditioning and the mind makes us pretty unfree and tired. Because we step therefore out of a natural way of being.

It´s not always like that but closely observing our way of living you can really say it´s often not very natural and healthy. When do you take time to be still? To just silence your sweet mind and observe for example a tree? Listening to its beautiful sound when the branches flow with the wind.

This birch tree told me something. It whispered that it is integrated in the circle of life and nature. This circle is always there. But the tree is in every moment different and a new being. It never looks the same. In one moment the light shines on it. In the other moment the shadow touches its leafs. With all its being it always has a different look. It´s never static even if it has a big huge tree trunk. When you observe really deeply you feel it´s being is deeply rooted with mother earth to the core of the planet and deeply connected to the cosmos. In every moment it is also various, never the same, being in a circle of nature which is coming and going. It is strong and gentle, wise and beautiful, just how it is.

This observation told me that it´s beautiful to be Now. You are not this or that. Just what you are now. And even if someone calls me something I am not that. I am in a natural circle included and are able to create. But it´s wise to go with the natural law of flow. Where you know in your heart that nature is your teacher and God´s light or the source is always there. Without interupting its circle everything falls into its place how it is meant to be.
The birch tree doesn´t ask if if will be big or small. It is. So therefore it knows its beauty in a silent way of being which for me is the most beautiful way to express life and love.

Trees are for me the most beautiful beings on planet earth. I love to sit with them, touch and talk to them. They always got an answer. And it’s always wise and so silent. I love that. Because it requires total attention and a calm mind to listen. What a beautiful way to learn to slow and calm ur mind. We are as humans so gifted with all our surrounded beings of nature.

Every attention you give a tree by just watching it and loving it sets a huge energy of healing and love free. They connect with each other and with the cosmos. Everything they save and carry as energy and information is being spread. Into the earth and high into the cosmos. And to you! Like a beautiful circle of love and life.They love to be loved. Because they carry the wisdom of oneness and that all is connected very deeply.

Much love, Annika

“The silence of a tree carrys true wisdom.”

Annika Mannoika

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