♡ #15 The beauty of who you are

The beauty of who you are

Mostly all of us felt and feel that change has to happen on planet earth.
Whatever makes us to think and feel that, we almost all agree that we want a world build on love and freedom.
Change is inevitable anyway because we grow and our souls are here to learn.
In the time now we are more and more forced to step into our light. To stand in our own truth and follow our heart. So it brings us to a point where we often feel that something has to change.

The best you can do is always to start with yourself. When you remember who you truly are and listening to your heart you instantly are following your souls purpose. You remember your light and are assisting the energy of love spreading into the world. I believe that love can be shown in different ways. Sometimes it has to take boundaries too so that the light won´t be taken down. Sometimes it needs silence and just by being we are able to stand in our brightest light.

Often I´ve been asked how I can listen to my heart and soul.
I learned it by suffering much with my body years ago. So I was forced to listen to my heart more than my head and mind.
But I also learned to simply be still and sharing moments with myself in silence. Connecting with nature and opening to the unseen and the simplicity of being, which is the most beautiful energy for most of us. Because it´s close to who we really are.
I could open more and more my heart and listen to it by taking my focus inside.

Remembering that silence and being alone can be something very beautiful because we can truly discover our being. It doesn´t have to be always that way but it helped me a lot.

In addition I made my steps in saying no to everything which didn´t serve me anymore. And everytime I did that I discovered myself being more free, happy and with energy I thought I wasn´t capable of.

At some part we are finding that we are the only ones who are responsible of our reality and what is happening. And that we are responsible when we want change to come and see. However it shall look for us. Nothing changes when we not change. Some things may fall into our hands so we can see better that we are also guided – always. And that´s something of so many things we can be grateful for – every day. But it also needs our will and power of our own being to change things in the name of love.
The most important thing for me in that time is to stand in my love and light and knowing that the true POWER OF LOVE is everything.

Much love, Annika


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