♡ #16 A healthy No

A healthy No

A healthy NO means for me standing in my truth. Knowing that I and only I can know what my truth is. Nobody else and noone need to stand in that truth. Important is that I follow my truth. And this needs to be clear and aligned with your thoughts and feelings.
When I am following my guidance and therefore my inner No to an action which aligns with the No I feel lifted. I feel freedom and inner peace. Because my soul says a big thank you to acting out for what I am here for. To stand in my truth and acting in the name of love.

If I think I shouldn´t do that or what feels somehow not right and I do not follow that inner feeling I shut my inner light down and go against my soul.
When I feel the No and follow it we experience that we get energy and power back. Because we follow ourselves. Once I experienced that years ago when I decided to follow that again. And I asked myself honestly what the heck got me so much distracted that I lost that track.
I just remembered that already in my childhood I was told to listen to others. Noone told me to listen to myself and my heart. Because they didnt´t do that either or learned that. I often felt a misalignment in these humans I was confronted with. They told me to listen to them or others but they didn´t seem happy.

I always was extremly confused because what they said didn´t align with their soul. I could feel that everytime. So I decided to listen to myself more because I lost trust. I knew that there must be a learning for me to follow myself back again. Because I do not do anything which doesn´t feel good for me. As children we still have that healthy No we are saying when we feel it. But we are loosing it fast because it seems like when we follow ourselves we are more alone and feel misunderstood. This distraction starts for me already at that point. So it´s a blessing when you step by step listen to yourself and follow that. Even if it doesn´t feel sweet. How can it be when you all the times before didn´t say yes to yourself.
Everyone of us has their own truth. Just follow that without distraction.
You are such a beautiful being. And your truth is your light and love you are.
When you once experienced how powerful a No is when you follow it and not letting you distract from the outside, may it be friends, family or opinions of the mass, your decision for yourself gets more easy. You are your own treasure and I encourage you to follow that. Nothing is more precious than you, your soul, your being connected with the source of love.

At some point it must get uncomfortable so you make steps into the other direction again: to your beautiful, absolutely amazing self – the being which is pure love and here to be fully that.

Much love, Annika

“At some point it must get uncomfortable so you go into the direction back again: to your true self, the love you are”

Annika Mannoika

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