♡ #2 New earth build on heart centered beings

New earth build on heart centered beings

When we are not in the Now we can´t realize that we are not the thought we are thinking.
Awareness is seeing and hearing with the eye of the heart. When you do that, you can´t name anything or have an opinion. Because the mind can´t interfear.
Attachment means we hang on a thought and so called identify with it so much, that we think we are it. Many of these processes do not appear conciously. They are hidden so long until you are aware of your thougth.
When this awareness arises the thought simply disappears. So in that moment you can´t fight in a discussion or disagree with someone.

It needs extremly close attention to be present when one is speaking that you do not get caught by your mind trap. It is very fast telling you for example what you can answer when the other one is ending his/her story.
Just when you grab a moment of this awareness and be present in a discussion with a person, you feel instantly oneness with that being. It doesn´t matter what they say. It matters the energy and frequency. If we realize more that it´s about that we do not get drawn so fast and much into taking things personal.

Back to the question: Why are we so attached to our thougths and opinions?
The mind loves to exist. It can only exist when it identifies with a thought or believe. So it tries everything to do that.
Can you make the decision to be more aware? It needs attention and a deep breath can help to remind yourself to listen with the heart.

We are all learning and it´s beautiful when we realize ourselves and processes more which still hold us in a constant loop of repitition of old behavior. Getting out of this means bringing in New. And opening for a New Earth build on heart centered beings.

Much love to you on your soul journey,

“Awareness is seeing and hearing with the eye of the heart.”

Annika Mannoika

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