♡ #3 The responsibility of being a human

The responsibility of being a human

Noone brings you to life but you. Truly. You truly birth yourself when you just open. Open to your heart. The physical birthing of your mother is a gift because it allows you to enter the path of being a human in the body. And this contains to birth in fact yourself if you really wanna breathe and be human. You are body, mind and spirit. And each one of this wants to be embodied by connecting with the three.
Stepping into being a human means letting go of everything you are not. Embracing everything you are, especially all parts which are so dark in you, that they always keep coming up sooner or later.

They want to be seen and be lifted to be brought back again to yourself.
You can´t be the light you are without accepting every part of yourself.
These dark parts are deeply hidden and you fear them. Why?
Because they hold pain. And pain is a gift. It´s there so you can let go of all what you are not.

Believes, programmes, old thought patterns – the list is long.
Maybe it still has to be like that so you really become aware of your true love essence.
Your true being is love. And it´s not something new I am telling.
The hard part is actually seeing the pain already arising when you face your shadow – it shatters you.
Honestly – have you ever thought of just seeing darkness and pain as neutral?
We are bringing with our thoughts a judgement into something which just arises as a feeling.
Therefore with judgement we hold on to duality energy. But it´s not serving us any longer because we also understand more and more that it divides.
The collective mind neutralizes more – that´s beautiful.
On the surface it´s not be seen clearly but looking behind it many beings are stepping together into being a human.
Many are forced to it because they see the inhumanity – and that´s good. It reflects us, ourselves. Because Being human means truly being.With all light and dark parts of yourself. Embracing all back and loving the wonder you are.
Being human means for me showing who you are and doing what you say. Not hiding behind believes and programs. We all have work to do when we want to walk the human by fully heart in the body.
In fact it is what makes us the human.

It´s saying no when you feel no and yes when you feel yes. Otherwise you give away a part of yourself by not standing in your true power. I once was realizing my true essence more, what I carry inside and what gift that is. And I decided to open. Saying yes to myself. Taking the responsibility of being a human. It pured me. By taking the first step other steps followed and it can´t be stopped.

I wish you a path full of wonder on your journey.
Much love, Annika

“You truly birth yourself when you just open. Like a flower.”

Annika Mannoika

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