♡ #4 The world in your hands

The world in your hands

The universal laws are paradox. Everything you experience will at one point tell you suddenly that there must be another truth too.
In relation to attachments this is truly amazing. After experiencing by myself letting go of attachment after attachment, there is one big feeling left. It amazes me inside myself. Because it is in fact paradox.

We are told that you are only happy when you own many things and once you got enough money you can buy the world. Nothing can lay more far from the truth.
I don´t say it´s something bad to expierence having much money and things. Not at all. But we know deep inside that it´s so far from true fullfillment.
The more we possess the less we are happy. We hang on things, believes and loose ourselves in that.
The art of being is to enjoy things or everything which is around you but not to be attached to it. How do I do that?
I let the thought and believe go that I own anything. Everything is serving for me and comes and goes. But there are also “things” which stay forever. This is always something which is true and pure and can never be changed. Pure innocent Love is its foundation.

Once you came to the point where you feel like you´ve let go of any attachment you were guided to, the whole world lays in your hands.
This feeling is so wonderful that it keeps your mouth open. You recognize truly that nothing is here you can keep. And in this paradoxical way you hold the whole world in your hands. It´s hard to explain this feeling.
It feels like pure freedom. A very silent and pure feeling.
The paradox is that your mind tells you it´s not true because you own nothing. But in fact the truth is felt in your heart. That when you are naked like a baby the world is yours. Not in the way of posessing. In the way of knowing that you are everything and everything is you. And therefore you don´t need to have or posses anything any more.
Important to add here is that the need for control is also disappearing. The trust in the universe and guidance of your heart is the true treasure you found finally and you start to love sharing it with the world.

Much love, Annika

“Let go of attachment and the world lays in your hand.”

Annika Mannoika

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