♡ #5 Selflove


Selflove – one of the words often discussed and observed. Too often sometimes because it has nothing to do with the mind.
I experience selflove as a decision to love, honor and care for myself. Right now, in that moment. And in every way I am – NOW.

In many ways we are told or had often people around us, when we were younger, who showed us what they´ve learned. Selflove is selfish. They didn´t maybe say it like that but showed it in a way that they put everything around them first except themselves. Mothers do that very often with their kids and the family for example. They give and give and get fast very empty.
It´s the perspective I´ve seen and experienced many times – but I know there are many other persepectives too.

We learned in a way that when you put yourself first you are selfish. Care for others, be nice and good and that is the way you should behave and be your best version.
What we forget here is that you become step by step very empty inside yourself. Because you only give.
Love is nothing you can give truly when you haven´t learned to give it yourself first. And love es here to be given AND received.
It ist beautiful, important and a human way of being to care for others. But never forget yourself.
What always comes for me first is myself. I learned that it makes me truly happy and it resulted just out of my experience that I can´t help or save anybody but myself. Of course there is another persepective where you get love back and joy when you help an animal to get healthy again or adopt one for example. But even here you can´t only give. With animals it´s that easy because they love us unconditionally, no matter what. They reflect us true love.

So the best way on planet earth is to start to honor what is the treasure – you. And knowing that I carry all, the whole universe in my heart, this feels for me so right. So I care for everything too in that moment. The energy you are spreading by selflove is immense. Because you are connected with everything!
Selflove is not that you forget others around yourself. Quite the opposite: I am more present with all around me when I care time by time also good for myself. I can feel everyone and everything around me more intense. I am filled with love, free to give, because I know my inner source.
The source of love is infinite and its a true treasure.
Once you felt it in yourself you can anytime remember it and feel empowered and loved by just remembering.
So don´t forget doing things you love, caring for your body, soul and spirit. Be kind to your mind when it´s too loud. Just loving yourself as you give all that to others freely and with so much joy. Find the balance.

Much love, Annika

“Selflove is a decision to love, honor and care for myself.”

Annika Mannoika

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