♡ #6 New authority – the voice of the heart

New authority – the voice of your heart

In the word authority lays the word author. So another “author” or person brings up an idea or information. There is nothing wrong with authority. It´s only unhealthy when we totally give up our ability for self reflection and to listen to ourselves, our inner voice.

For me it was always important to question everything and what others tell me. And not out of disrespect but for knowing that only in my heart lays the answer and the way my soul can be guided. Of course we can reflect together and share experiences which is very important. And you also learn from others too. Just not questioning any more and not listening to yourself isn´t healthy for our soul. We are here to empower us and step into our light again. That´s what my soul tells me.

It isn´t easy to listen to yourself when you are much hustling inside in your head and/ or outside. Your inner voice can only be heard when you get silent AND listen.
And it´s not that you sit down and say “Now inner voice tell me now what you have to say”. It´s not working like that. You have to open to yourself and wanting to listen, taking the time and space.
I was once forced to listen to it because my whole world fell so called apart years ago. I had only my inner voice left so to speak. Today looking back I know it was one of the biggest gifts the universe gave me. To look deeply inside. So I started to be my own guide and authority. I started to listen deeply.
It didn´t fall from the sky into my hands. I had to learn and train that again. Because every day we get caught up in things, work etc.

So I chose and am choosing now to be my own guide because it lets my heart being heard, speak, felt and being the compass of my soul.
I love to listen to others with my heart and it´s very important. We share perceptions and experiences and learn from each other. That´s what makes the world various, colorful and every soul unique and beautiful. So I listen and of course there are things I am learning and my heart decides to take them with it.

In the end it´s just for me important to follow my impulse and intuitive inner voice. Because that´s what I trust in fully without any doubt. And it´s always there and free to be open so I can listen. What does it mean to listen?

It means to hear your inner raum, you can call it the heart center, whose voice is an infinite call of silence of the universe. The voice of the heart is never loud. It is patient, calm and knows that it´s always existing.
For me it was mostly easy to hear and listen to my heart. I had also times in the past where I forgot it completely. But it was good because then I felt it and heard my voice I could feel the total difference of having it or not having it. After that the decision to listen to it was very easy then and very clear. Was it easy to follow my heart? No, definitely not. Around you there are not many people showing you how this works. So you have to find your own way. When you dive very deeply you can find out that it needs pretty sweet silence so you can hear what your heart wants to tell you. And it gets easier the more you listen. That´s what makes it more beautiful. It´s always worth it to listen and to follow. For sure.

Much love to you, Annika

“I choose to be my guide – my heart loves to be the compass of my being.”

Annika Mannoika

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