♡ #7 Knowing, Nothing & No-thing

Knowing, Nothing & No-thing

What means Knowing?
The Tree doesn´t need to know that it´s a tree to become one.
Do I need to know to be a human to become one?
Many things, situations and experiences get names from us. We put a filter on it. This box is limited. Just by a word given from the mind. Why is that so? The mind needs to relate on “something”. The heart knows in nothing is everything. Very paradoxical or?
I love to explore these fields of infinity. The universe has so much gifts to offer. And everything lays in ourselves.
“Nothing” is for the mind not really comfortable. It means No-thing. So there is no thing for the mind to hang on. Pretty insecure if you need to rely on a thing, an answer or a believe.

I stepped often into the field of nothingness and it can be scary at first. Because you are not used to it and didn´t allowed it before to rise up.
Once you did you start to realize you know nothing truly. And it starts to feel right. The Nothing you are aware of – there is everything. An infinite raum with so many possibilities and ways to explore being.
The mind is nothing bad. It is there for its reason. But how to “use” so it doesn´t use us? If a believe in your mind takes over and guides ur reality, you are not who you truly are. When I dive into this state I do not be hard on myself. I learned to laugh about it because it is not me. And it seems like a playing experience of being to dive into the mind and heart actions and to learn again that our heart is our compass and the mind helps besides that, but isn´t the leader.

So on the one hand knowing comes from and is created by the mind. The other part of knowing is the vastness ot nothingness. The knowing of stillness in your heart, where no thought or believe you build up before guides you.

Knowing without knowing is for me a new comfortable space. It lets me feel free, calm and my heart being the guide of my life. It´s funny that something that scared me before starts being something that feels comfortable and secure. In fact the mind tells me that knowing nothing is insecure. I just do not believe this anymore. Why? I experienced that the nothingness is for me the place I love to be. That simple. So I decided where I wanna put my feet in.
My mind is useful and helpful. I love it because it helps me also structuring things. Without it I would also be sometimes just floating around. Without my heart I would be just a robot and be very static and not alive.
I feel aliveness is being with the heart open, the mind taking it by the hand. Letting it be with you but not believing in it too much so your being can unfold in the way the universe knows. And that´s for me the true knowing. It lays in the hands of the universe, god, the light. And in fact you are also the creator. By not knowing, trusting and being aware with your heart, that not knowing and the “raum” of nothing is the infinite place where creation through the mind in guidance by the heart takes its action.

Much love, Annika

“NOTHING is an infinite raum with so many possibilities and ways to explore being.”

Annika Mannoika

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One response to “♡ #7 Knowing, Nothing & No-thing”

  1. Beautiful, when we realize nothingness is also fullness beyond the paradox, the fears drops away. ♥️

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