♡ #8 Do what you love

Do what you love

I love to share my experiences. And every experience of each soul is unique. So I don´t know more or better. Maybe I carry something that remembers you of your own core and you maybe carry something that remembers me. In fact the path on earth is for me a gift. I learned to embrace that again. And of course there are days where I can´t feel that. But that´s totally ok. For me it´s the path of remembering who I am and to live life in grace and honesty to myself. Learning that I am a creator of my reality by balancing my mind and heart. It´s not easy because there are many things and believes which keep us apart from our true light within. Anyway each path is unique and maybe yours is totally different. That´s what´s life about and the varity of God´s creation or the creation of the source, however you wanna name it. It doesn´t matter. It´s about how you feel it.

As we are all individual souls with a unique soul path we shouldn´t compare. Comparisn is something the mind creates. For me it´s so beautiful to watch when a soul follows its own heart and inner voice. This is for me the most beautiful truth and can´t be seeken outside.
But I see and feel anyway that this old picture of being a guru or teacher is falling apart. It had its reason at its time and maybe needed to be experienced to see that we can only be our best version when we listen to our true self. Many Gurus and teachers said that everytime. The true ones never wanted followers or be taken on a thrown. It was always the opposite because they knew that there is nothing truly to teach. Just to share and to encourage people to follow themselves too. It helps also to not feel alone.
So what we share is always a unique experience. For me sharing brings me a smile on my face when I feel people lifted or feeling more brave to do their own steps. And we all have to find our own way. This is the way of the soul as a human. It´s a true gift to be here on earth and to experience feelings and raising your light and love.

There is no goal to reach. There is a path to walk in your own individual truth, growth and gratitude of being.
Now. Noone is better, wiser, faster, knows more or less. There is no comparisn when you see all with the eye of the heart.
Spread Love into the world. Do what you love, care for yourself and others and be kind to you when you feel small or when you think you failed in something. It´s just a judgement of your mind that names it “failed”. Because it can´t see what gift lays behind “failure”. There lays always a treasure hidden in it. By failing I always get the opportunity to learn more about myself. So I try to be thankful and know that everything has its reason.
It´s all human steps where we learn to remember more and more our light and being. Free, pure and true.

Much love, Annika

“There´s no goal to reach but a path to walk in your own truth, growth and gratitude of being.”

Annika Mannoika

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