♡ #18 In the space of Nothing

In the space of Nothing

I love the space of nothing.
Actually you can´t call it space. Because nothing isn´t anything.
How scary this seems for our mind. In fact we are about to remember that NOTHING is the place of true human creation.
The blank white infinite paper where creation starts and has no end.

Nothing is the place of infinity. That´s what you are. The whole universe is in your heart and once realizing that you know that nothing can stop you from exploring the Nothing.
That sounds truly funny when I am writing that.
It´s what I am experiencing and feeling deeply in my heart. And sharing it makes me smile.

The place of nothing was for me at the first time scary too. But very fast I acknowledged the beauty and truth of being there. In fact it is BEING.
The infinity of the universe or cosmos is within in you. And as infinite the cosmos is so are you. I encourage you to look inside. Your heart. Your soul. Your voice within loves so much to be heard. Because it´s your true essence. It waits for you to be explored, to be followed. It needs your attention and a still mind so that you can be aware of yourself, this being you are. LOVE.

When we realize and remember our cosmic infinite being we create through us.
We find that beautiful path of connection to everything and everyone because every being is connected to its infinite core.
So nothing is everything and everything is one. And in this oneness I experience the individual soul path following its heart in its most beautiful way. Nothing can stop you from experiencing yourself (a sentence with such a double meaning now 😂).

Much love, Annika

“The Nothing is everything and everything is ONE.”

Annika Mannoika

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